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Seniors on Bikes


Friday, June 23, 2017 9:00 AM


Park and Ride - Highway 52 & I-25 East on Hwy 52 in front of IBM for 12 miles to I-25.


Seniors on Bikes hosts social rides for seniors of all levels. Check Seniors on Bikes for a complete list of rides.

Tigers - usually ride about 40 miles at an average speed of 18-20 miles an hour. Tigers usually have excellent riding skills and a fairly high level of fitness. The Tigers also expect that you can repair your own bike and that you can provide your own repairs and your own way home if you have mechanical difficulty.

Pacers - usually ride from about 30 miles up to about 50 miles at an average speed of 14-16 miles an hour. This means riders should be able to maintain an average speed of at least 14 mph. Pacers usually have moderate riding skills and a moderate level of fitness. This group is also considers itself a "no-drop" group, meaning that you will not be left behind by the group.

Cruizers - Our newest group, usually ride 20-30 miles at an average speed of 12 miles per hour. This is for those who like to just be outside and yet want to ride a little longer and improve their fitness and bike handling skills.

Pacer ride schedule for June:

JUN 2-F Pearl East to Jefferson County Airport Café/35mi, very hilly.

JUN 5-M Stazio Ballfields to Firestone/Pepper Jacks/50mi

JUN 7- W Tom Watson Park to Jamestown via Niwot/Niva Rds/33 miles. *

JUN 9-F Tom Watson Park to Lyons/Stone Cup via Fruit Loops/41mi.

JUN 12-M Tom Watson Park to Carter Lake (Picnic)/50mi.

JUN 14-W Hwy 66&75th to Raymond via Lyons. About 40 miles and 3,100’ of elevation gain. Food stop at either the Raymond Store or back in Lyons. Bring energy bars.

Alternate ride is a show and go leaving from TWP.

JUN 16-F Pearl East to Sandstone Park (via Bike Paths)/50mi.

JUN 19-M Tom Watson Park to Mead (Picnic) 40 miles.

JUN 21-W Tom Watson Park to Jamestown via Niwot/Niva Rds. 33 miles.*

JUN 23-F Hwy66&75th to Loveland/Mariana Butte GC via Masonville/50mi.

JUN 26-M Tom Watson Park to Lyons/Stone Cup via Apple Valley Max/41mi.

JUN 28-W Pearl East to Lyons Stone Cup via Rabbit Mountain/50mi.

Alternate ride starts from Nederland RTD park and ride to Ward.

JUN 30-F Tom Watson Park to Louisville/Bittersweet via North Route/40mi.