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Namasté Solar

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Employees gather at Namasté Solar during Bike to Work Day.

Namasté Solar embodies the spirit of Walk and Bike Month, and as a sponsor, actively promotes employee use of alternative modes of transportation for work commutes. Each employee receives a free RTD EcoPass, and is encouraged to take the bus, to carpool or to bike to work. With bike racks, locks, showers and warehouse storage available at office locations, biking has become a popular option. Not only does Namasté Solar support alternative modes of transportation year-round, but during the month of June, employees can compete for a gift certificate to a local bicycle shop by walking or biking to work.

Namasté Solar is a locally owned cooperative that helps its customers reduce energy costs and meet sustainability goals. Located in Boulder and Denver, the company offers quality design, installation and utility rebate processing to provide low-cost power for homeowners and businesses.

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PepPod products are built on a philosophy that many little things can add up to make a big difference. Whether that’s fueling up with the minerals and vitamins in one of their Pods, taking a walk or biking to work, PepPod’s mission aligns with that of Walk and Bike Month—to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, one day at a time.

A PepPod is an effervescent tablet (“Pod”) that dissolves in water. Designed to promote good health and active lifestyles, it combines more than 75 plant-derived trace minerals with vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and a little shot of caffeine, resulting in raised energy, increased focus and enriched nutrition.

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Clif Bar

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Twenty years ago, on a longer-than-anticipated ride, Gary Erickson dreamed up the CLIF Bar we know and love today. Each year, Clif Bar & Company employees celebrate that special moment with an amazing bike ride. To us, the journey has always been more important than the destination. HOW we get things done is as important as WHAT gets done.

Clif Bar is a family and employee-owned company that believes happy, healthy people create the best food. Our culture, pay, benefits, holistic wellness programs, and dedication to employees’ career growth, create a unique and meaningful workplace, where we take ourselves lightly and our work seriously.